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UD-02-8700.26 The 8700.26 is the standard diaphragm repair kit for the Udor KAPPA-55 diaphragm pump. The kit Includes the piston diaphragms, accumulator diaphragm and the check valve o-rings. 
Qty 3 0903.50 Piston Diaphragm, Desmopan�
Qty 1 0903.08 Accumulator Diaphragm, Buna-N
Qty 6 1101.27 O-Ring

Diaphragm Kit - Udor Kappa 55 Desmopan UD-02-8700.26

SKU: UD-02-8700.26
$122.90 Regular Price
$98.32Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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