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GNC Jet Agitator -  1/2" NPT (F)- 3/4" NPT (M) Out Poly  HY-3371

Typical uses by color

Green - 5/16 Orifice Diameter -  Diaphragm Pumps such as Kappa43, AR30

Red - 1/4" Orifice Diameter - Piston Pumps such as the P530

Black - 3/16" Orifice Diameter -  Medium pressure pumps 

Yellow - 5/32" Orifice Diameter - Smaller Diaphragm pumps such as Remco 5500, Remco Fatboy, Shurflo

If you also need the fittings between the agitator and the spin-weld fitting on the tank, order 1 each of:

FT-3RB3412 and FT-3M12

GNC Jet Agitator with Four Backpressure Tips HW-321100

SKU: HW-321100
$6.25 Regular Price
$5.31Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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