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6815-3/4-300 Model 6815 Pressure Regulator 

300psi 3/4"   The TeeJet 6815 Pressure Regulator is a piston-type relief valve / regulating valve that bypasses excess liquid and is adjustable to maintain control of line pressure at any pressure as long as it is within the valve's operating range. It is used on many agricultural and landscaping equipment to regulate and maintain pressure on roller, diaphragm, and piston pumps. Made of brass with hardened stainless steel seats for long life, the TeeJet 6815 Relief Valve has an extra large valve passage that provides full flow with minimal pressure loss.

Pressure Regulator Model 6815 SS-6815-3/4-300

SKU: SS-6815-3/4-300
$110.53 Regular Price
$71.84Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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