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EN-VM55 Vanguard 169cc Manual Start Engine

Engine: Manual Start Vanguard 169cc Horizontal Engine, 5.0HP, ¾" Crankshaft, .312-.24”

Key Manufacturer Benefits and Specifications

Global Warranty Coverage

Three year limited commercial engine warranty for all applications

Simplified 3-Step Starting

The new optimized 3-step starting process allows for shorter rope pull with less pull force required.

Longer Oil Maintenance Intervals

Engine oil maintenance intervals are double the industry standard

Fewer Air Filter Changes  

Lower total cost of ownership from unmatched 600-hour air filter replacement intervals — double the industry standard — thanks to cyclonic air filtration, standard on all Vanguard single cylinder engines.

Reduced Noise and Vibration

Significantly lower noise and vibration level increases operator comfort for improved productivity.

Eliminate Fuel/Oil Dilution

Exclusive TransportGuard™ System guards against unnecessary oil wastage, equipment downtime and reduced productivity.

Optimized Fuel Management

Specially designed fuel system improves resistance to effects of stale fuel.

More Efficient Power Management

Governed idle allows more usable power at idle, precise speed setting and better load response.


Vanguard 160 Manual Start Engine EN-VM50

$499.00 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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