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LS-110100 1" Inline Strainer/Filter, Featuring 1" FMPT Inlet/Outlet, PTFEO-Ring, 20Mesh Stainless Steel Screen, With Clear Bowl For Easy Monitoring. (LS-100-20C)

P530/Honda GX160 Plus Fittings Diagram


Fits the 1" and 3/4" GNC Suction Filters

Note: Filter should NOT be used with Volatile liquid. Examples of common volatile liquids are Gasoline, Acetone, Ethanol and Isopropyl
1" Filter should be used with pump rated 8-10 GPM, which include:
Hypro D30, D303 andD403
Udor Kappa 43
GNC P530

Suction Filter GNC 1" - LS-110100

SKU: LS-110100
$46.54 Regular Price
$39.56Sale Price
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