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Includes P530 Cylinder Head with Packing Repair Kit Already Installed

 (Replaced 43-530-325)   Parts Diagram

43-530-335 Make changing your packings quick and easy. This Cylinder Assembly has the packings already installed. Just slide the assembly off your pump, remove the old packings and slide this new assembly on. Just that quick. Then order a packing kit that you can insert into this cylinder head and be ready to change out again quickly should the need arise.
A Great time saver.

Complete Cylinder Assembly, GNC P530 Piston Pump

Ref# 40 Cylinder
Ref# 45K (packings)for all 3 Cylinders

Replaces 43-530-325 (Packing Repair Kit) NLA

GNC P530 Packing Kit Pre-Installed in Cylinder Head Assembly 43-530-335

SKU: 43-530-335
$278.47 Regular Price
$250.62Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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